Summer Academy in Architecture 2017 dates: June 19–July 21, 2017!


The application deadline for all students has been EXTENDED to April 24, 2017! 

2017 application

Application fee and housing deposit can be paid online at this link.


Application Deadline (all students) EXTENDED: April 24, 2017
Application Fee: $25
Tuition: $1,500
Additional Program Fees: $250 Supply Kit (approximate)
Housing Cost: $1000 (estimate based on 2016 costs)
Housing Deposit: $500 (to be added to the total housing cost)

Financial Aid Application

If architecture interests you as a possible career, The University of Texas at Austin’s Summer Academy in Architecture can help inform your decision and prepare you for application to a professional degree program. The Summer Academy in Architecture enables students to answer the question: Should I pursue Architecture as a career goal or field of further professional study?

The Summer Academy is geared toward people who have little to no background in architecture and who wish to test and refine their interests in the field. Applicants to the Summer Academy range from age 17 to older adulthood and are typically considering applying to undergraduate or graduate degree programs in architecture at the University of Texas at Austin or other comparable institutions of higher education.

The program is an intensive introductory course in architecture that assumes no prior study in the field, but rather a great familiarity with it through the experience of occupying places. Through a series of individual studio design projects, the Academy introduces students to many of the important aspects of architecture and encourages personal exploration. The identity of a place — what it feels like and what it means to us — arises from qualities that are both visual and non-visual. Under this premise, the Academy encourages design solutions that are grounded in an investigation of experience and perception.

Academy students are provided individual studio workspaces for the summer session. The studio environment of the Academy provides individual attention through daily tutorials and group discussions with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. Particular attention is paid to developing skills in drawing and model construction. Daily studio assignments encompass ideas that span the breadth of architectural practice and theory such as structure, materials, site, light, view, context, and experience. Individual studio work is supplemented by a series of supporting activities and events that include faculty and visiting lectures, a film series, site visits, class reviews, and periodic meetings that emphasize students’ more practical concerns, i.e. application procedures, general admissions policies, and the preparation of a portfolio or resumé.

Enrollment is limited to approximately 80 students. Housing is limited and granted on a first-come, first-served basis. After posted deadlines, program and housing applications are accepted on a space-available basis only. Contact the Summer Academy office for further information.  

Summer Academy Contact Information:

Phone: (512) 471-8909
Email Address:
Mailing Address: 310 Inner Campus Drive B7500
                                       Austin, TX 78712