The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture’s Visiting Scholar Program provides an opportunity for scholars from around the world to further their studies supported by the resources of a leading research university. 

Visiting Scholars
The status of Visiting Scholar is granted to individuals coming to the School of Architecture (SOA) to pursue their own independent research. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required to apply for Visiting Scholar affiliation. Appointments are made for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of one year.
While in residence, Visiting Scholars are required to attend school public events such as lectures and speaker series, and they will be invited to participate in seminars, colloquia, and other activities. Visiting Scholars may audit classes in compliance with university policy and with permission of the faculty member(s) teaching the classes.
All Visiting Scholars must have a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor is responsible for assisting with the integration of the Visiting Scholar into the SOA community. Sponsors are not expected to serve as mentors or advisors, although some will assume this role. The exact nature of the relationship between a Visiting Scholar and his or her faculty sponsor must be agreed upon before the visit begins. Potential Visiting Scholars who do not have a pre-existing relationship with a SOA faculty member should not contact a faculty member directly to request sponsorship. In their research statement, applicants may indicate one or more particular faculty member(s) who might be an appropriate sponsor.

Application Process

  • A resume or curriculum vitae, including full name and contact information for the applicant
  • A research statement, consisting of a description of the proposed research and an explanation of why the SOA is an appropriate setting for this work (maximum of 5 pages)
  • A letter of recommendation from an academic recommender
  • The proposed length and dates of the visit
  • Evidence of English language proficiency, if not a native English speaker
  • The name of a SOA faculty member who would be an appropriate sponsor, if known. If a prospective Visiting Scholar has a pre-existing relationship with a SOA faculty member who has agreed to serve as sponsor, that faculty member should contact the committee by email to express his or her willingness to sponsor the applicant
  • Digital portfolio (optional) 

Non-US residents may be required to obtain a visa. Once accepted as a Visiting Scholar, visa information will be provided.
Apply to:
University of Texas School of Architecture
Attention Visiting Scholar Committee
Complete applications for a Visiting Scholar position are reviewed one time during the year. Applications for those who wish to arrive for an academic year (September to May) or a single fall semester (September to December) must be received by March 1 of the same year. Visiting Scholars are not accepted for summer semesters. Late applications may not be considered.
Only complete applications will be reviewed. Please be advised that the School of Architecture accepts a limited number of scholars per year: a maximum of four for the academic year. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Final approval for all visiting academics is made at the discretion of the Office of the Vice President for Research.
For more information and to submit application materials, contact
Depending on country of origin, foreign individuals seeking affiliation as a Visiting Scholar may need to apply for an appropriate visa. The application process for a visa takes 12-16 weeks. We strongly encourage individuals to apply early. Please be advised that the SOA accepts a limited number of visitors requiring visa assistance per academic year. For additional information, please visit The University of Texas at Austin J-1 Scholar page. Please note that a successful background check result must be received by the school prior to initiating the visa process. Successful Visiting Scholar applicants will be required to reimburse the SOA for all background check and visa-related costs. We are unable to sponsor dependents through this program.

Because the SOA has a limited number of spots for Visiting Scholars, only those whose research interests are beneficial to the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture will be considered.
Additional Notes
Visiting Scholars do not receive a stipend for their appointment, nor does an appointment as a Visiting Scholar imply tenure or continuation at the university. Visiting Scholars will be provided office space and wireless access while on campus, but should plan to provide for his or her own computing needs via personal laptop or personal desktop computer. Please note that privileges such as library access, ID cards, and keys will not be available until the Visiting Scholar assignment has received final approval.