In many countries and regions, emerging green standards have received widespread acceptance by local building cultures. In the United States, LEED has demonstrated its ability to evolve and adapt to changing environmental and social conditions and create a market for green building.

With this solid foundation and growing public attention to the challenges posed by climate change, the building community is now well positioned to stretch beyond the boundaries of the existing checklist of best practices to consider what future codes of judgment might look like. The Beyond LEED Symposium will focus on the themes, issues, and design approaches to sustainability not yet captured by LEED and other existing rating systems.

The symposium will coincide with "Re:GENERATION, The question of beauty, and what we see(k)," an interactive, multi-media exhibit that explores the emerging crisis in architectural judgment. "Re:GENERATION" looks to the future, drawing from disciplines outside of architecture to evoke new possibilities for the built environment.


UTSOA Center for Sustainable Development