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fall 2008

ARC 350R:
Architecture Criticism

Wilfried Wang

Architectural criticism requires both a comprehensive approach to the context, conception and realization of a built phenomenon as well as a precise, concise, incisive analysis of these issues themselves.

The seminar in architectural criticism introduces students to a descriptive and analytical method. A number of case studies outline an approach to architectural criticism. This model may be adopted and adapted by the students for their own subsequent critical presentation of a single building of their choice to the class.

Three assignments are required for the seminar:

An introductory writing exercises for which short texts are summarized and analyzed. The UTA Student Architecture Award 2008 for the best building completed in the previous calendar year (Oct 07 – Oct 08) in the Austin area.

A critical presentation of one building to the seminar, which forms the basis for the final paper.

The seminar’s focus is on the in-depth analysis of individual pieces of architecture, ultimately allowing for the discussion to broaden to other buildings and socio-cultural issues.

The class meets according to mutually convenient times (twice a week during the presence of the instructor, see calendar attached).

Class days and hours are by mutual agreement and set at the beginning of the semester.