The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

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fall 2008

ARC 387G:
World Architecture: Industrial Revolution to Present

Richard Cleary


Students in the School of Architecture must have completed ARC 387F.


This is the second course in the School of Architecture’s two-part introduction to the history of architecture. It offers a global perspective of buildings, their settings, and the dissemination of ideas about architecture from the eighteenth century to the present. Particular attention is given the relationships of architectural expression, meaning, and building technology and to issues arising when architectural traditions of one culture are imposed upon or otherwise adapted by another. The weekly graduate discussion section expands upon topics raised in the lectures through readings and student research assignments.

Educational Objectives

  • Establish chronological and thematic frameworks for the study of architectural history
  • Inform understanding of architecture’s relationship to modernity
  • Develop skills of description and formal and historical analysis


Grades will be based on mid-term and final examinations, a series of position papers related to the themes of the discussion sections, and a research project. Regular attendance is expected and will play a factor in determining grades.

Texts to be determined