Summer 2017

This course surveys transportation problems, planning practice, and policy issues in the international setting with an emphasis on the developing countries, particularly focusing on China. We will take a case study approach, in a workshop format, reviewing the experience across a wide range of economies in meeting mobility needs and broader societal objectives through planning, institutional, regulatory, technological, and fiscal approaches. A 15-day planning workshop in China is the core part of the course. We will learn through experiencing, observing, participating, and critical thinking. Every year, we identify a client city for the workshop. We will be joined by a group of students and faculty members from our collaborating university in China and participate in plan-making activities for the client city. This year the client city is Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province. Wuhan is located at the intersection of the Beijing-Guangzhou railway (China’s north-south rail backbone) and the Yangtze River. The city ranks fifth nationally for a population size of over 13 million (2016 estimate) and a land area of about 8,500 km2. Wuhan has become the frontier of the next phase of China’s urbanization. Details of the summer workshop project are being finalized.

Instructor Contact Information:
Ming Zhang, Ph.D., AICP
Office: SUT 3.124A; Email:
Tel. 512-471-0139