The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

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City Forum Speaker Archives

Prior Years

Spring 2008David Padgett
Spring 2008Bjorn Sletto
Santo Domingo
03.29.2008Steve Windhager
Sustainable Sites Initiative
03.28.2008Greg LeRoy
03.21.2008Jana McCann
Downtown Austin Plan (Q&A only)
03.15.2008Hector Uribe
Ruralpolitan Government
11.09.2007Theresa O'Donnell
"Forward Dallas" comprehensive plan
Fall 2007Bjorn Sletto
East Austin Environmental Justice Project
Fall 2007Sarah Eckhardt
Limitations of planning at county level
10.24.2007Hank Dittmar
The Greening of Urbanism
04.20.2007Urban Land Institute 2007 Competition: Redesigning Los Angeles
04.13.2007Janet Seibert
Create Austin: A Look at Austin’s Community Cultural Planning Process
03.30.2007Resilient Communities: The Role of Participatory Planning in Ecologically Fragile High Growth Communities in Peru
03.02.2007Michael Gatto
The Challenge of Green Affordable Housing
02.16.2007Dr. Elizabeth Mueller
Connecting the Dots: Planning for Affordable Housing in Texas Cities
11.03.2006Will Wynn
Investing in the Future: The November 7 Austin Bond Election
10.20.2006Kent Butler
Combining Historic Preservation and Sustainable Water Management: Redesigning the Seaholm Power Plant to Harvest Rainwater
10.13.2006Rui Yang
Tourism Impact Managment in World Heritage Site: Case Study of the Great Wall and the Yellow Mountain Areas of China
09.29.2006Sonya Lopez & Ming Zhang
Catching the Train: Transit Oriented Development in Austin
09.15.2006Envision Central Texas at Five Years: Prospects for Regional Planning in Central Texas
03.03.2006Greg Bischak, Ph.D.
The Appalachian Regional Commission: A Model of Regional Planning in the U.S.