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Nurturing the Network

PID network

A driving motivation behind all the efforts of the UTPID program is to build and nurture the connections between students, movement thinkers, leading practitioners, and the larger academic community. We aim to support the work of partner organizations and collaborate with those conducting similarly-structured programs across the country, in hopes of building a supportive network on multiple levels and learning from a rich exchange of best (and worst) practices.

The UTPID program draws from and leverages a network of community-based partnerships that allow for innovative approaches to seemingly complex problems. Weaving the built works with policy solutions that might affect more systemic issues, the PID projects attempt to have a lasting impact in the Austin community. Past projects build on one another; for example, the PID 2011 Alley Greening project built off of the ongoing work of the Alley Flat Initiative (AFI) – an award-winning collaboration of the UTSOA Center for Sustainable Development, the Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC), and the Austin Community Design and Development Corporation (ACDDC) – which has been in existence at the CSD since 2005. In addition to the built interventions of the Alley Greening Project that summer, participating students developed a community tool-kit, "An Action Guide to Greening Austin's Alleys," that has now empowered several City departments to join together to develop a more extensive Alley Regeneration Demonstration Project that will be realized within the year.

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We also hope to continue to contribute to this network with the addition of various publications, including this comprehensive and growing bibliography.

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