The Texas City Lab: a new service-learning opportunity

Look for information in early February 2014 regarding the first partner with Texas CityLab. We are recruiting faculty interested in service-learning classes that would agree to focus on issues identified by our partner during the 2014-2015 year. Please contact Shannon or Sarah (emails below) if you have questions.

Sponsored by the Center for Sustainable Development, TCL is an intentionally interdisciplinary applied learning strategy for university faculty and students to engage in challenges including social equity, environmental, and economic issues facing Central Texas municipalities. Drawing from the growing interest and capability for applied learning and research at the university, this green fee funded program will create partnerships between Texas cities and existing university undergraduate and graduate courses in all colleges and schools. We will work with the cadre of interested faculty to identify ideal issue areas, but courses might address, for example, the growing scarcity of water, declining air or water quality, energy concerns, transportation, and social infrastructure requirements such as housing access, education equity issues, and social services for population and economic growth in a given city. We are seeking a cross-disciplinary group of faculty, students and classes interested in working in some synergy with one another and our first client municipality to solve complex place-based problems. Please contact us! More to come soon. 

Contacts: Project Coordinator Shannon Harris (; Project Manager, Sarah Wu (