The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture

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faculty & staff lab use

The School of Architecture faculty and staff are welcome to use all computer lab, io central, and digital fabrication resources limited by the following restrictions:
  1. Instructional materials: faculty and staff may print direct instructional materials in io central by filling out and signing a print ticket and indicate "instructional" as the usage type.
  2. Administrative printing: School, University, or other Administrative print jobs may only be printed in io central if you have a UT account number to which we can charge the costs. In this case fill out and sign a print ticket and fill in your account number.
  3. Faculty Research: Since faculty do not have access to the bevobucks system, we will allow a limited amount of printing to be done as 'research' printing (the IO Central is reimbursed by the School for these costs). In order to print in this fashion fill out a print ticket and indicate "research" as the usage type. IMPORTANT: You may be billed at the conclusion of the semester for some portion of your outstanding research balance. So do not print more than you are willing to pay for. Alternatively, faculty members with professorships, startup funds, or other resources may bill io central services directly to those accounts by filling out a print ticket with the correct account number.
  4. Private or Pay work: The io central is not to be used for the production of 'for profit' work by faculty, staff, or students. This type of usage violates our various software licensing agreements and a number of rules and regulations that govern the use of our operating funds. Faculty, staff, and students found in violation of this policy will be referred to the Dean for disciplinary action.