Dr. Mueller & Dr. Dooling receive 2012 University Co-op Research Excellence Award

Associate Professor Elizabeth Mueller and Assistant Professor Sarah Dooling have received the 2012 University Co-op Research Excellence Award for their paper titled "Sustainability and Vulnerability: Integrating Equity into Plans for Central City Redevelopment." The award is presented to "a faculty member or staff researcher who is the principal or sole author of a peer-reviewed scholarly paper reporting original research that was disseminated during the preceding year in recognized research outlets in his/her respective field." The honor is accompanied by a $5000 cash award.

The award was announced at the 2012 University Co-op Robert W. Hamilton Book Awards dinner on Tuesday, October 16, at the Four Seasons Hotel. This is the first time faculty from the School of Architecture have received this significant university-wide recognition. The school was also very well represented with nominations for five books and strong nominees for creative research and career excellence.

UT Austin Vice President for Research Juan Sanchez said of Mueller and Dooling's paper, "Combining concepts from political economy, urban ecology, urban economics, social equity theory, and vulnerability studies, and focusing on current urban development in Austin, Texas, the authors make a powerful and persuasive case for including current residents in urban planning and sustainable development. They provide an important framework that will have immediate local significance and, beyond Austin, widespread impact on future development and city planners. We expect that their analysis and argument will influence not only planning literature, but architecture, business, law, and public policy in cities all over the world."

Mueller and Dooling's paper was published in the fall 2011 edition of the Journal of Urbanism. View or download their article.