Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

This is a four-year program of study that is accredited as a professional degree by the Council for Interior Design Education (CIDA).

The role of interiors in architecture is continuously redefining itself as it touches upon many areas ranging from housing, institutional, exhibition, set, and furniture design, along with areas that are still being recognized. The Interior Design Program in the School of Architecture offers a strong, professionally accredited curriculum sequence in which architectural interior design is not bound to a specific area, but rather pushes forward with no limits.

The four-year program begins with foundation studies in design and drawing and unique coursework offering a view into those who have shaped and redefined interiors. Curriculum courses tie together history, theory, construction, and computer applications in a way that parallels the architecture studio education while retaining a clear viewpoint on interior architecture and the other design arts. Third-Year Interior Design students fully participate in the "Sound Building" tradition, a coordinated, rigorous semester of studio and coursework, which is at the heart of the school.

Upon completion of the Interior Sound Building series, students advance to seminars in the format of workshops and discussions ranging in topics from materials to theoretical issues in design practice. Studios offer an exploration of building at full-scale, furniture design, and individual thesis-based research projects.