Platform, a publication of UTSOA

Platform magazine features thought-provoking articles of topical interest in the disciplines of architecture, architectural history, community and regional planning, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, sustainable design, and urban design.

Platform strives to show how valuable architecture — broadly-defined — can be, and how its various aspects relate to our daily lives. Produced by The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture since 1992, we welcome your thoughts and comments. Please feel free to contact Managing Editor Pamela Peters.

Earlier issues and an article index are forthcoming.

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cover of Fall 2013 Platform


Spring 2013

Editor: Coleman Coker

PDF: platform_spring2013.pdf

cover of Fall 2012 Platform

Beyond LEED

Fall 2012

Guest editors: Steven A. Moore and Elizabeth Walsh

PDF: platform_fall2012.pdf

cover of Fall 2010 Platform


Fall 2010

Guest editor: Jim Walker

PDF: platform_fall2010.pdf

cover of Winter 2008 Platform

Community and Regional Planning :: Learning By Doing

Winter 2008

Guest editor: Michael Oden

PDF: platform_winter2008.pdf

cover of Spring/Summer 2008 Platform

Tactics for an Urbanizing Landscape

Spring/Summer 2008

Guest editor: Dean J. Almy III

PDF: platform_spring-summer2008.pdf

cover of Summer 2007 Platform

2012: Resourceful Design in an Age of Climate Change

Summer 2007

Guest editors: Wilfried Wang and Barbara Hoidn

PDF: platform_summer2007.pdf

cover of Fall 2006 Platform

Architects and Engineers

Fall 2006

Guest editor: Ulrich Dangel

PDF: platform_fall2006.pdf

cover of Spring 2006 Platform


Spring 2006

Guest editor: Nichole Wiedemann

PDF: platform_spring2006.pdf

cover of Spring 2004 Platform

Le design d'intérieur, en d'autres mots
[Interior Design in Other Words]

Spring 2004

Guest editor: Michel Charest

PDF: platform_spring2004.pdf

cover of Winter 2003-04 Platform

Focus on Historic Preservation

Winter 2003-04

Guest editor: Jeffrey Chusid

PDF: platform_winter2003.pdf