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House Cost

The estimated construction cost for the competition house is estimated at $400 – 450,000. The team is designing multiple versions of the house including the competition house, a 50 ft x 14 ft, 700 square foot structure, and a marketable prototype which is 1,236 square feet.

Marketable Prototype

This version of the house cost $110,636 and shares its components, strategies, and form with the Competition version. The house features a flexible design system specially developed to work with pre-manufactured homes. This allows for amazing cost savings due to little on-site construction but it is still customizable for you and your families space needs. Our 1,236 square foot version is only about $82 per square foot! Now that's what we call design within reach!

Project Budget

The current projected budget is estimated at $450,000. This includes the estimated construction cost of the house, logistics and transportation expenses, as well as funding for research positions and prototyping materials.

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