Day 6

Sunday was a little bit of a quieter day on the mall, but no less busy. We had another even going on at the other end of the mall, so we had to follow noise and vehicular restrictions on our work. While this is easily viewed as an annoance by the teams frantically trying to finish their houses by the deadline, I think it is evidence of something larger. Without a doubt we have to follow many restrictions here on the mall. Noise, Safety, in and out times, all of these things are evidence of the weight and importance of the endeavor we are involved in. I can't imaging the trouble the Dept. of Energy has to go through organizing this event. The logistics of organizing the safe construction of twenty homes on such an important site as the National Mall are staggering. Holding the competition elsewhere would be easier, but the fact that we are in one of the most visited tourist destinations, and in the front lawn of our law makers is invaluable. We are humbled by the scope of the competition and cause of the event.

The BloomHouse continues to make progress, and our inspections are going well. Our stairs and ramps have passed inspection, and the handrails around the decks should be soon. The interior is looking good after our clean up for the interior electrical inspections which.... we passed with flying colors. Much of our focus right now is on getting all systems ready, and inspected. There are points to be had for being the first house on the Mall to pass inspections, but it also means that in a way... we are finished. There will be lots of finishing touches to work on once inspections are done, but it is a huge milestone. It means that a group of students have designed and executed a fully functionally (very nice I might add) solar powered home. That is a huge accomplishment.