Hello from Team Gladiators!

Team 2 (the gladiators) arrived on Saturday, the second day of public tours. We jumped right in to relieve Team 1 who had been working very hard to get everything up and running (Thank you guys!).

solar village with the Capitol in the distance

Over the weekend we had very many visitors and long waiting lines - plus all of the responses were very positive. People especially liked the openness of our interior and a lot of people ask if our house is bigger than the rest! (It is not, it just feels a lot roomier.)

First thing in the morning on Sunday we were surprised by three of the juries - Architecture, Communications and Market Viability. This morning we got the results for architecture: 174 out of 200 points. Also this morning, the systems monitoring started and we are doing very well so far, the engineers are doing great work!

Tonight we had our dinner party which went very well our cooks impressed Cincinnati, Maryland, Cornell with our Texas ingredients. Our menu started with home-made tortilla soup, followed by goat cheese medallion and pomegranate salad. The entre was a delicious pan-fried quail with a chipotle cranberry sauce, last but not least, we served tres leches pannacotta. Yummy!