The Combat Continues

Only six Gladiators are allowed to work on the house at a time, and we are at capacity this evening, preparing for the Lighting Competition jury that might show up at any time. This dispatch comes from exile out on the gravel pathway.

sun sets on the BloomHouse and Washington Monument

We got fourth in Communications this morning, which is fantastic news, and we are currently in 5th place overall. We've been getting full points in Hot Water and the objective portions of Lighting. Our Getting Around and Appliances contests are both off to a shaky start, so we're hoping to score really well in Lighting to compensate. As good as the rankings look, it's still an incredibly close race, with 25 discretionary points making the difference between 5th and 10th.

The tours are going really well, and we've had encouraging home town support from local alumni and plenty of visitors that made the journey from the Austin area.

Improvements on the house have been difficult, as we've been touring and testing almost nonstop, but the LED's have been added to the exterior and we're working out the kinks in our systems and appliances.