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Instructions for School of Architecture
General Scholarship Application for 2013-2014

With this application continuing students are applying for a general scholarship in the School of Architecture (SOA). Applications for Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) and individual research travel scholarships are handled separately.

The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and awards SOA general scholarships. The committee also awards a limited number of waivers for the out-of-state portion of tuition to eligible students. 

All students receiving a scholarship or waiver must be registered at The University of Texas and enrolled full-time during the entire academic year (fall and spring semester) and remain in good academic standing during the academic year for which the award is granted. Exceptions from the full-time enrollment requirement may be made for students graduating in December or in their last semester.

Scholarships come from a variety of different funds and endowments, and the eligibility criteria for the general scholarships vary by individual awards. Students from all programs within the School of Architecture are eligible to apply.

Awards are based on both academic achievement and financial need. Students who are awarded scholarships agree to write thank-you notes to donors.

Failure to report financial information accurately on the application form puts applicants at risk for having a scholarship revoked. The University reserves the right to verify any reported information.

*Please note: If you are receiving financial aid through the Office of Student Financial Services, a scholarship award from the School of Architecture will most likely impact your financial aid package. The School of Architecture does not report scholarship awards to OSFS. However, OSFS receives scholarship information once awards are processed and may revise your financial aid award. It is best to notify OSFS about your scholarship award as early as possible. Check with your financial aid counselor for more information.

The deadline for the UTSOA Scholarship Application for Continuing Students is February 21, 2014 at 11:59pm .

Please be sure to submit the completed application by the deadline. Please note that scholarship announcements will most likely not be made until after the end of the spring semester.

Incomplete or late applications will be automatically disqualified.